Botox® has become a household name since it was introduced in 2002. This injectable treatment quickly gained popularity among Baby Boomers and the men and women of Generation X because of its success in eliminating facial wrinkles. Now, we’re seeing a whole new generation embrace Botox—millennials.

Why is Botox so Popular with Millennials?

To older folks, it may seem like the last thing someone in their twenties needs to worry about are wrinkles. But millennials have a different point of view when it comes to injectable cosmetics. Here are four reasons why millennials are starting to embrace Botox:

  1. Social media

Millennials know that, right or wrong, they are judged by the image they use to represent themselves on social media platforms. It helps them make friends, get jobs, and much more in a world where appearances are so important. Plus, with the rise of the “selfie”, anytime is the right time for a picture. Many millennials turn to Botox to ensure they are putting their absolute best face forward.

2. Instant gratification

Millennials are the on-demand generation. Many of them grew up with high-speed internet and smart phones. Music, movies, transportation, food, and more are at their fingertips any time of day. The fact that Botox is such a quick and easy procedure fits in with that on-demand mindset. Treatments can literally be done over their lunch hour and they’ll see results right away. No downtime, waiting to heal, or wondering what the final result will look like.

3. Celebrity culture

Plastic surgery is no longer the “big Hollywood secret” it once was. Celebrities, rock stars, and reality television personalities not only have plastic surgery, but they flaunt it. They discuss it on TV, blog about it, and post before and after pictures on social media. It’s easy to see why millennials may think “I want to look like that too.” After all, millennials are no different from their parents and grandparents who wanted to look, dress, and act like the stars of their day. The difference is that today’s young people have access to a relatively inexpensive, quick, and safe injectable product to help enhance their looks.

4. Forward thinking mindsets

Perhaps more than other generations, millennials are thinking about their futures. Far from having a “live for today” mentality, they are taking care of themselves now, to reap benefits later. For example, they’re taking up CrossFit, kickboxing, and other extreme workouts to stay in shape as they age. Many are choosing to follow vegetarian or vegan diets to maintain healthy weights and prevent future health issues. Getting Botox treatments now is part of that same mindset. They are preventing wrinkles from even forming. And there’s no need for millennials to think that starting Botox earlier in life is a straight path to Botox dependency. In fact, people who start Botox at a younger age will often require fewer injections and can go longer between treatments as they age.

Are You Considering Botox?

Whether you’re a millennial or not, make sure you speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Fodero before pursuing Botox treatments. He can help you decide if Botox is right for you, or if another type of injectable cosmetic may be a more suitable option.

Dr. Fodero can also talk to you about alternative skin-care treatments offered at Northeastern Plastic Surgery, which can help you get the youthful and healthy looking skin you desire. Please contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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