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Whether it’s the result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, hormonal shifts, or weight loss, it’s natural for women’s breasts to sag over time. Many women would like to restore the perkiness and shapeliness of their breasts, but don’t want implants. If you are among those women who want better, but not necessarily bigger breasts, then a breast lift procedure, also called a mastopexy, might be right for you.

Breast Lift Benefits

A breast lift can make a woman’s breasts look more youthful and perkier. In addition, the breasts will hold a firm position on the chest and point outwards. Women may find that clothes fit better and they feel more confident and attractive after surgery.

Breast Lift Risks

The procedure is safe and there are typically few complications, but there are some drawbacks you should be aware of. There is more scarring with breast lifts than with breast augmentation. And, although firmer breasts may give the appearance of increased breast size and more cleavage, a breast lift does not actually increase the size of the breasts.

The Breast Lift Procedure

During the breast lift procedure, the breast tissue and nipples are raised, and then the excess skin below the nipple is tightened. After the surgery, bandages will be applied to the incisions. In order to minimize swelling and support your breasts, you will need to wear a support bra. If you have excess blood or fluid, a small tube might be placed under the skin to drain it.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

It will take about two weeks for post-surgical swelling to go down and incision lines to fade, but you should notice the results of the procedure rather quickly. A successful breast lift results in more contoured and shapely breasts that will sit higher on your chest.

Am I a Candidate for a Breast Lift?

This procedure is ideal for physically healthy, non-smoking women who want to:

  • Correct sagging or drooping breasts.
  • Remove excess skin from the breasts.
  • Have younger-looking, more contoured breasts.
  • Maintain current breast size.
  • Increase their confidence about their appearance.


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