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Some individuals are born with naturally high cheekbones and beautifully contoured facial features. However, these supermodel types are also few and far between. If you are unhappy with your facial profile, there are solutions. Dr. Joseph Fodero places facial implants such as cheek or chin implants at his Florham Park, New Jersey practice, Northeastern Plastic Surgery. This procedure is tailored to each patient’s unique appearance and is designed to cosmetically enhance certain characteristics of the face. Dr. Fodero has an exceptional eye for facial aesthetics and skillfully provides natural-looking results. The goal of the procedure is to simply improve the patient’s natural beauty, not completely alter his or her distinguishing features. To learn more about cheek or chin implants, contact our Florham Park plastic surgery center today.


Before beginning any treatment, Dr. Fodero conducts an initial consultation. The purpose of this meeting is to determine your candidacy for facial implants. Dr. Fodero will perform an examination, and will inquire regarding your medical history and aesthetic goals. Be prepared to discuss what you like and dislike about your facial appearance. From this information, Dr. Fodero can map out the best course of action for achieving your cosmetic goals. The procedure is then performed as follows:

  • The patient is given general anesthesia to sleep comfortably throughout the surgery.
  • For chin implants, an incision is made on the inside of the lower lip or beneath the chin. For cheek implants, an incision is made on the inside of the upper lip or the lower eyelid.
  • The implant, which is customized prior to the surgery to suit your facial structure, is carefully placed.
  • Incisions are closed with sutures.

Recovery from the procedure is relatively quick. Dr. Fodero and his caring team will provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a fast and safe recovery period, including applying ice packs, resting, and tending to incisions. Patients can typically return to work after approximately one week.


Seeing Dr. Fodero for an evaluation is the best way to learn whether you are a candidate for cheek or chin implants. Ideal candidates generally include men or women who:

  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Have naturally undefined facial features – flat or round face
  • Have insufficient chin length in relation to other features
  • May have lost significant weight and lack facial definition
  • Have realistic expectations of the procedure
  • Are well-informed about the procedure, including recovery and risks
  • Have hollow cheeks due to the natural aging process
  • Want to improve minor facial symmetry
  • Want to enhance features, not alter entire look
  • Have loose or sagging skin on the face


The benefits of facial implants include:

  • A safe and effective placement procedure
  • Enhance facial features
  • Improve facial harmony
  • Create high, supermodel-like cheekbone contours
  • Correct appearance of insufficient chin
  • Enhance confidence and self-esteem
  • Quick recovery period
  • Natural-looking results – look like yourself, only better
  • Incisions are inconspicuous for no visible scarring
  • Treatment is customized for each patient
  • Achieve a smoother, tighter facial appearance
  • Permanent results


As with all surgeries, some risk is associated with the facial implant placement procedure, such as infection or shifting of the implant. Due to Dr. Fodero’s expertise in placing facial implants, potential complications are minimal. Our team will make sure that you are well-informed of any serious risks prior to commencing any treatment.

Patients generally experience some swelling, numbness, or sensitivity; however, symptoms should subside after several days. Dr. Fodero may prescribe pain medication to alleviate any discomfort.


Do you ever wish you had more defined facial features? If you want to improve facial contours and enhance your beauty, Dr. Fodero is an esteemed, caring, and talented surgeon who can make you look your very best. To learn more about cheek or chin implants, contact our Florham Park plastic surgery clinic today.


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