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If you’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight, congratulations. Whether you’ve had bariatric surgery or drastically overhauled your lifestyle, rapid, massive weight loss can leave you with loose skin and folds that hide your newly toned body. At Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, New Jersey, Joseph Fodero, MD, PA provides a range of surgeries to remove excess skin and any remaining bulges of fat to achieve a slim figure. Call the practice or make an appointment online today to discover how Dr. Fodero can reveal the body you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Massive Weight Loss Q & A

Why would I need surgery after massive weight loss?

When you’re overweight, your skin stretches to accommodate your enlarged fat cells. Over time, your skin also loses elasticity, which is your skin’s ability to return to an unstretched or extended position. As you lose weight, your skin will try to keep up with your diminishing dimensions, but it may not be able to keep up because of the natural loss of elasticity that occurs as you age and as your skin stretches.

As a result, you may have extra folds of skin all over your body. You might find this excess skin unattractive in itself, or you may feel like your actual size and shape is hidden. Additionally, if your skin forms deep folds, your risk of developing skin infections and rashes increases.


What surgeries can enhance my appearance after massive weight loss?

Dr. Fodero performs a variety of surgeries to remove excess skin from all over your body.

Tummy tuck and liposuction

You may have large folds of extra skin on your abdomen and sides. Dr. Fodero can perform surgery to remove your excess skin and tighten your abdominal muscles. In some cases, he performs liposuction at the same time to remove any remaining stubborn pockets of fat from your abdomen. These procedures can give you the smooth, toned abs that you’ve been working toward.

Breast lift

Often after significant weight loss, you lose volume in your breasts, and they may appear saggy because of the loose skin. Dr. Fodero provides breast lifts to restore the appearance of your breasts. If you’ve lost significant breast volume, he also offers augmentation procedures where he places silicone or saline implants under or over your chest muscles.

Lower body and thigh lift

If you have a lower body lift, Dr. Fodero performs several procedures to remove excess skin from your thighs, buttocks, and abdomen and tighten your muscles. After your initial lift, which should tighten and tone the appearance of your legs, buttocks, hips, and abdomen, Dr. Fodero may recommend additional procedures to refine your appearance.


What should I expect after my surgery?

Dr. Fodero provides personalized aftercare advice, which you should follow to support a quick and safe recovery. You will need to take some time off to recover after your surgery so your body can heal and any post-surgical swelling and bruising can subside.

If you’ve lost a massive amount of weight and are struggling with excessive folds of loose skin, call Northeastern Plastic Surgery or schedule a consultation online to discover how Dr. Fodero can surgically reveal the body you’ve achieved.