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A fat transfer of the face provides a natural soft-tissue filler that can provide volume to even out hollow areas, making the patient look more youthful.

Patients with a gaunt appearance and unwanted facial wrinkles that have sprung up as a result of aging will benefit from a fat transfer of the face. Vertical lines between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead wrinkles, the nasolabial folds, small scars, hollowness around the temples and underneath the eyes, and many other skin issues can be corrected using this procedure.

Because the fat transfer of the face involves using a substance from one’s own body – fat cells – as the filler, it’s known as an autologous procedure.

In order to begin the fat transfer of the face, Dr. Fodero must first perform liposuction on various areas of the patient’s body.. Fat cells are suctioned through the cannula and out of the body.

Fat cells are most likely to connect with the body’s blood supply and survive when they are healthy and undamaged beforehand. For this reason, the fat cells are purified after liposuction. Purification is a method of taking out injured or dead fat cells, along with any excess fluid.

Finally, the cells are carefully transferred to the problem areas of the facial tissues via injections. These injections are performed at shallow and deeper tissue depths depending on the depths of the skin issues.

Dr. Joseph Fodero, an experienced plastic surgeon with numerous satisfied patients, is available for private consultations regarding the fat transfer of the face and the many other procedures we offer. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Fodero, contact us today.


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