The Best Way to Prepare for Plastic Surgery

The Best Way to Prepare for Plastic Surgery  Promo:  Many cosmetic procedures require surgery, which means making an incision

Getting plastic surgery is an exciting step that makes permanent, positive changes to your appearance. Many cosmetic procedures require surgery, which means board-certified plastic surgeon Joseph Fodero, MD, PA, of Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, New Jersey, makes an incision in a nearby area to make your desired changes.

Like any other type of surgical procedure, preparing well increases the odds you’ll make a smooth recovery and look and feel your best as quickly as possible after the procedure. These tips set you up for the best plastic surgery possible.

How to prepare for plastic surgery

Every cosmetic surgery is different, with Dr. Fodero customizing it to give you the best result with the easiest recovery. Generally, following these guidelines will set you up for success when you get plastic surgery.

Follow the recommended routine

To set you up for success, Dr. Fodero gives you a series of detailed instructions for before and after your specific procedure. Before the surgery, you might need to change your diet or medications, refrain from smoking, and stop eating or drinking shortly before the procedure.

After surgery, follow Dr. Fodero’s list of activities you can and can’t safely do for specified periods of time. Attend all your follow-up visits, and take any medications or other prescriptions our team gives you.

Ask questions

If you aren’t sure about any of your before or aftercare needs, our team is here to answer all your questions to ensure your success. You can ask questions in your pre-operative consultation or let us know if anything else arises during recovery.

Get your aftercare set up before surgery

After your surgery, your main focus is going to be on your recovery. Getting as many things as possible set up before the procedure is much easier.

Our team ensures that you have a trusted loved one to accompany you home after surgery if needed for your procedure. If you need time off from work or caregivers set up for yourself or to cover any child or elder care you provide, get that ready in advance.

You’ll also have an easier time after surgery if you prepare meals, fill medication prescriptions, and get your bed set up. Alternatively, you can ensure you have a trusted person on call to do these tasks after surgery.

Wear comfortable clothes

You’ll feel best during and after surgery if you wear comfortable clothing. Choose loose clothing that’s easy to take on and off and a soft fabric suitable for the time of year you’re getting the procedure.

Be patient

All surgery requires some sort of recovery period, and it might take a little time for you to feel back to yourself again and see full results from your procedure. Dr. Fodero and the team give you a timeline of when you can expect to recover fully.

In the meantime, if you have any concerns or your recovery appears different from the expected timelines given, our team is here to help and keep you on track.

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