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At Northeastern Plastic Surgery, we understand the common need for hair restoration procedures. According to the American Hair Loss Association, men aren’t the only ones dealing with hair loss and women actually account for 40% of those suffering from the condition. By the time they reach age 50, almost half of all women experience some degree of hair loss and are in need of hair restoration for women.

The condition is primarily caused by aging, heredity, and a change in hormones, causing a loss of confidence in a woman’s daily life. Luckily, there are ways to treat the issue, often resulting in natural looking results. Today, more people are opting for non-surgical methods of hair restoration treatments, such as Exosomes, PRP and Light Therapy.

If you are interested in bringing your hair back to the way it was without invasive surgery, contact Northeastern Plastic Surgery to set up a consultation with Dr. Fodero today!



Although young women can also be affected by hair loss, it tends to affect post-menopausal women with thinning hair on the top of the head. Women tend to keep their hairline, unlike men, aside from natural recession.

The psychological damage of hair loss, including lowered self-esteem and poor body image, can take a serious emotional toll on the body and directly affect physical health. This is why so many women are turning to modern cosmetic procedures and treatments to help fill in the balding areas. 

PRP injections

PRP floods your scalp and hair follicles with the growth factors and proteins necessary to cell production and repair. The injections may stimulate your natural hair growth and increase the thickness of your hairs. Dr. Fodero makes PRP from a sample of your blood. He separates the plasma from the solid components of your blood in a centrifuge before combining your platelets and plasma and injecting the serum into your scalp.

Exosome Injections

Exosomes are derived from mesenchymal stem cells, but do not contain human cells or DNA. They are kept frozen until the day of treatment. Once thawed they are reconstituted with normal saline and must be used within a few hours. Dr. Fodero will perform a block to numb the area to be treated. He will then use a small gauge needle to inject the exosomes into your scalp. He then performs Microneedling to help stimulate the follicles. Most normal activities can be resumed the very next day, but we recommend waiting at least a week before going back to any strenuous activities. You should begin to see results within one month and may continue to get results for up to a year without a second injection.

Light treatments

You can also opt for low-level light therapy to reverse your hair loss. Low-level light energy stimulates inactive hair follicles and signals your epidermal stem cells to accelerate the production of hair. Light treatments are noninvasive, and you need a series of appointments to treat all your hair follicles at the right point of their growth cycles.

Viviscal Pro Products

Viviscal Pro offers a two-dimensional system that nourishes hair growth from the inside and promotes healthy looking hair on the outside. For best results we recommend using both Viviscal Pro Supplements and Viviscal Pro Thin to Thick Hair care. The supplements should be taken twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, with food or water. You should begin to see results in as little as three months; however, it is recommended that you take it for six months for the best results. The hair care is suitable for everyday use on all hair types including dry, damaged, color-treated, fine, or thin hair.

These professional versions are only available at doctor offices, salons, and spas. The Viviscal sold over the counter at your local store does not have all the ingredients contained in the professional version

If you are interested in bringing your hair back to the way it was without invasive surgery, contact Northeastern Plastic Surgery to set up a consultation with Dr. Fodero today!



This is another FDA approved treatment method that helps improve thinning hair. It uses phototherapy, or light therapy, to dramatically affect the visible signs of aging. Aside from the many skin benefits, NeoLTS helps patients achieve a fuller, thicker, and stronger head of hair. The procedure is non-invasive and requires little to no down-time.


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