Noninvasive Treatments That Are Not FDA Approved To Be Aware Of

Noninvasive cosmetic treatments are an ideal treatment for many to help you look and feel your best without going through the risks of surgery. If your noninvasive treatment is FDA approved, you can also be assured the procedure is safe.

Before undergoing a cosmetic treatment, always ensure it’s FDA approved or cleared. Joseph Fodero, MD, PA, board-certified plastic surgeon at Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, New Jersey, explains the dangers of treatments that aren’t FDA approved and how to pick the right procedure.

How the FDA approves noninvasive treatments

Just because a procedure is nonsurgical doesn’t mean it comes completely without risk. Before a cosmetic treatment becomes available, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) takes the device through extensive testing to ensure its safety and efficacy.

Once a medical device is approved for development, the FDA builds a prototype in laboratory settings to make sure the device is safe. Then, they test the device on people in controlled trials.

After carefully reviewing the controlled trials and medical evidence, the FDA approves safe devices and procedures for use by the general public. They continue to evaluate the product to ensure it remains safe.

Examples of FDA-approved noninvasive treatments

Our team at Northeastern Plastic Surgery offers many noninvasive treatments that the FDA has approved. They include:

At Northeastern Plastic Surgery, we only offer safe treatments that are approved by the FDA, if applicable.

The dangers of unapproved treatments

Noninvasive treatments without FDA approval haven’t been through the rigorous tasting process to ensure their reliability and safety. An unapproved procedure might not get you the desired results, and you can’t be sure what side effects you might experience.

Treatments that the FDA doesn’t approve are also often administered by providers without the right qualifications to perform procedures safely. Reputable medical offices like Northeastern Plastic Surgery only offer noninvasive procedures that are FDA approved.

The FDA regularly issues warnings about cosmetic treatments being offered without proper approval. One recent trend they advise against is offering injectables for body contouring.

Certain injectables are approved for facial rejuvenation, but none are approved for the full body. Silicon isn’t approved for any type of injectable use. If used in the wrong form or locations, unapproved injectables can cause severe types of injury and even death.

Another nonapproved, noninvasive treatment becoming more common is needle-free dermal filler injections. These injections can cause permanent damage to your lips, skin, and even eyes.

Choosing a safe, noninvasive treatment

You can ensure you choose a treatment that’s FDA approved and safe by getting a treatment recommended to you by a licensed treatment facility like Northeastern Plastic Surgery. Our team helps you choose the best treatment for you with the lowest risk of side effects.

You can further avoid problems or side effects by only using the products in a medical facility, where a qualified professional should administer them. Never order products yourself online or attempt to use them at home.

By taking a few simple precautions, you can avoid the dangers of treatments that aren’t FDA approved and safely look and feel your best. Contact us to schedule an FDA-approved noninvasive medical procedure.

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