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For many patients suffering physical and emotional discomfort due to having overly large, heavy breasts, breast reduction surgery can be an ideal solution. Dr. Joseph Fodero performs this procedure not only to ease the back, shoulder, and neck pain many women with large breasts experience, but also to help free women from the embarrassment and self-consciousness they feel because of their breasts. Dr. Fodero also performs breast reduction for men who suffer from gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, in order to give them flatter, more masculine chests. Contact Dr. Fodero to learn more about breast reduction at his Florham Park, New Jersey practice.

  • Female Breast Reduction
  • Male Breast Reduction (Treatment for Gynecomastia)


During breast reduction surgery at his New Jersey practice, Dr. Fodero removes excess skin and tissue to reduce the breasts to a more manageable, proportional size. After breast reduction, many of Dr. Fodero’s patients report a dramatic decrease in their physical discomfort, as well as a greater freedom to participate in sports and exercise and to wear more fitted styles of clothing without feeling self-conscious. Dr. Fodero has performed countless successful breast reductions and is extremely skilled in sculpting natural, symmetrical results.


Breast reduction surgery patients are placed under general anesthesia so that they feel no pain during the procedure, which usually lasts between two and four hours. Once the patient is asleep, Dr. Fodero will create an incision around the areola and then extend it downward and along the crease at which the breast and chest meet. After the incisions are made, Dr. Fodero will remove enough fat and tissue to reduce the breasts to a more manageable size and weight. The nipple and areola are then moved to a higher location on the breast. Any remaining skin is then pulled tightly around the areola to give the breast a smooth, young, natural appearance.


Gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, is a relatively common condition affecting many males through and after puberty. The breasts swell with firm glandular tissue, fatty tissue, or both, resulting in a chest that looks more feminine. In the majority of gynecomastia cases, the enlarged breasts return to a normal size on their own. However, in some cases, the breasts may remain enlarged. The condition often causes men to feel self-conscious, making them reluctant to take off their shirts at the beach or the gym.


Dr. Fodero performs male breast reduction surgery at his Florham Park, New Jersey practice to help free men from the embarrassment of having large breasts. The best candidates for gynecomastia surgery are men who are in good general health and have firm skin.

Gynecomastia surgery is similar to the female breast reduction procedure. Typically, a small, inconspicuous incision will be made at the edge of the man’s areola. Excess fat and glandular tissue are removed through that incision with liposuction to create a sleeker, flatter, and more masculine contour.

In some cases, Dr. Fodero may find it necessary to completely excise the gland, along with liposuction. In other cases, Dr. Fodero may need to excise both extra skin and fat.


The condition of having overly large breasts affects both women and men. Dr. Fodero, renowned for his exceptional surgical skills, performs both female breast reduction and gynecomastia surgery at his Florham Park, New Jersey practice. Learn more about female and male breast reduction and other breast enhancement procedures by contacting Dr. Fodero’s practice today.


“I am a 52-year-old woman who has had large breasts since the age of 12. I never felt like I had an advantage or that I was blessed. It was more like I was cursed. Nothing ever fit right, bathing suit shopping was always a dreaded event, and men rarely looked me in the eye. I had chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain. I lost 30 pounds but not one inch off my breasts.

At the age of 42, I went through menopause and my breasts just kept growing at a time when I thought they would begin to shrink. I finally saw Dr. Fodero in 2002 and began my battle with the insurance companies to cover my breast reduction. I kept getting denied and for three years I fought. I finally felt that I couldn’t take it anymore – no bra fit properly, every button-down shirt pulled. Dr. Fodero showed me some before and after pictures of the work he has done and I knew then I wanted him to help me.

Not only is Dr. Fodero a scientist who carefully measured every point of my breasts to make sure they would be even, the same size, and proportionate to my body, he is also an artist who, I would say, actually sculpted my breast to fit me. In no way was this cosmetic surgery for the sake of looking younger or having “perky boobs.” It was, for me, a necessary surgery to get rid of the pain and the deep grooves in my shoulders. When the surgery was over all that pain was instantly gone. Three pounds were removed from each side and I could finally throw my shoulders back.

Throughout the pre-surgery sessions, the hospital (day of surgery), and the after care, Dr. Fodero was a caring, gentle physician, who always maintained his professionalism, and truly seemed concerned about wanting to help me. A few days of discomfort after the surgery (easily handled by painkillers—I was off them by the third day) was more than worth it for the overall benefits. People who didn’t know I had the surgery thought I lost weight—in other words, it was not so obvious. Dr. Fodero performed an effective but subtle reduction. And two months later, the scars were barely visible. I felt completely back to normal within a few weeks of the surgery. I had heard horror stories of not being able to lift your arms and needing physical therapy. None of that was true in my case. The recovery was simple. I wish I had done this years ago.

I have every confidence in Dr. Fodero’s abilities as a surgeon. He embodies what all doctors should be. Yes, he is knowledgeable and skilled, but he is considerate of each patient and will treat you as an individual. He will go out of his way to make the surgery possible, especially for those of us who really need it as opposed to those who merely want it.”


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