What Happens to Your Body After Massive Weight Loss?

Losing massive amounts of weight causes your body to undergo significant changes. Most of the changes you can expect are positive and lead to an enhanced appearance and improved physical health.

Some changes, though, can be less welcome, especially the loose skin that often remains on your body after the weight is long gone. Excessive loose skin can cause physical problems and decrease the self-esteem boost that comes with significant weight loss.

Excitingly, at Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, New Jersey, board-certified plastic surgeon Joseph Fodero, MD, PA can transform your post-weight-loss body with surgery that tightens loose skin and sagging after weight loss. Here’s what you can expect after massive weight loss, and how surgery helps you finish off your weight loss.

Physical changes you can expect after massive weight loss

When you lose a substantial amount of weight, you can expect a number of changes to your body and physical and mental health. These include:

Better overall health

Losing weight generally improves your overall health. Weight loss often leads to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and stronger bones. 

After weight loss, you lower your risk of developing a number of serious medical conditions, including heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, arthritis, and strokes.

Increased energy

Weight loss frequently leads to having more energy throughout the day. This can lead to a number of unexpected positive outcomes, including sharper memory and cognition, a better sex life, and sleeping better at night after being more active during the day.

Improved moods

Most people who lose weight report that they feel better afterward. This includes having less tension, feeling less depressed and anxious, and even less angry.

Excess loose and hanging skin

Most changes you experience after weight loss after positive ones, but one of the biggest challenges people who lose significant amounts of weight experience is excess skin. This happens because your skin loses its elasticity, and it stays the same size it was when it stretched to accommodate your body at a higher weight. 

Without treatment, excess skin can hide the extent of your weight loss and obscure your new figure, and it can also put you at higher risk of skin rashes, infections, and general irritation from your skin rubbing.

The amount of excess and hanging skin you have can depend on a number of factors, including your age, how much weight you lost, and how quickly you lost weight.

How to remove excess skin after massive weight loss

If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight but are dealing with significant loose skin, it can feel demoralizing and frustrating. Luckily, Dr. Fodero is skilled at transforming your skin back to its previous taught and firm state.

At your consultation, Dr. Fodero determines which procedures can best bring your skin back to normal after massive weight loss. Procedures he might recommend include:

Dr. Fodero customizes your procedures to ensure you achieve your ideal desired appearance after massive weight loss.

If you’ve gone through significant weight loss, our team is here to help you finish off the process. To schedule a consultation to discuss procedures to tighten loose skin and remove excess areas of fat, contact us today.

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