What Can Be Done with Excess Skin after Weight Loss?

What Can Be Done with Excess Skin after Weight Loss?

If you’ve lost massive amounts of weight recently, Joseph Fodero, MD, PA and the rest of our team at Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, New Jersey would like to congratulate you. We’re overjoyed at your success and here to help you finish off your weight loss journey the way you’d like.

After significant weight loss, you might be delighted by many changes but unhappy to find your new shape remains covered by excessive folds of skin. To complete your new look after weight loss, Dr. Fodero, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is here to help you finish your achievement through customized skin removal surgery.

Find out more about how excess skin can be removed from your body after you’ve lost weight.

Why does weight loss cause excess skin?

After significant weight loss, you might find your skin didn’t shrink with the rest of you. Excess skin is a risk factor after weight loss, particularly when you’ve lost massive amounts of weight.

After your skin has stretched to accommodate your formerly larger body, it doesn’t always keep the elasticity required for it to properly stretch around your smaller figure. The risk goes up if you’ve lost over 100 lbs, were overweight for a number of years, or were older when you lost weight.

The result of skin with lost elasticity is that your skin remains stretched out and larger than your current body. This can create excess folds and sagging skin throughout your body.

What are the problems with excess skin after weight loss?

Excessive skin can cause a number of issues, which can be cosmetic and medical in nature.

The biggest cosmetic challenge of excess skin is that it can hide your weight loss and now smaller body. You might have a more difficult time fitting into clothing or feel self-conscious about showing off the body you’ve worked so hard to attain.

Having skin hanging around your body can also be physically uncomfortable. You might find the skin rubs together, increasing your risk of developing potentially infections and rashes on your skin.

How can I remove excess skin after I’ve lost weight?

If your skin has lost its elasticity, the best way to help it accommodate your new shape is through surgery. Dr. Fodero consults with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to bring your skin more tightly back into your smaller body.

The surgery you get depends on your personal needs and where you have loose skin. Among the most common procedures Dr. Fodero recommends are:

Breast lift

You might find your breasts have become saggy and have less volume after massive weight loss. A breast lift makes saggy breasts perky again and tightens unsightly skin.

Tummy tuck

Dr. Fodero recommends a tummy tuck to you if you have excessive skin on your abdomen and the surrounding areas. A tummy tuck can also remove fat and give more definition and tone to your stomach area.

Lower body and thigh lift

A lower body lift tightens and gets rid of excess skin on your upper legs, buttocks, and lower abdominal muscles. These areas gain a more contoured and tightened appearance. 


Even after massive weight loss, you might still find yourself with a few stubborn areas of fat that won’t go away. Dr. Fodero can remove these areas in your abdomen or elsewhere in your body with a liposuction procedure.

When you’ve made it to the weight that’s right for you, get the full post-weight loss transformation by removing excess skin and remaining stubborn bulges of fat at Northeastern Plastic Surgery. Contact us online, or give us a call today, to find out how we can support you in your post-weight loss transformation.

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