Head Into Holiday Season With a Fresh Face

 Head Into Holiday Season With a Fresh Face

At this time of year, the holiday season comes on quickly. With the holiday season can come the excitement and anticipation of several gatherings where we see loved ones more than ever before.

With so many places to be and people to impress, the holidays are a better time than ever to ensure you look your absolute best. Board-certified plastic surgeon Joseph Fodero, MD, PA, from Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, New Jersey, shares how you can head into the holiday season with a fresh face this year.

Take care of your skin and health

The holiday season is often a busy time, and it can be easy to fall behind on your skincare routine. The rapidly cooling weather also can mean battling skin dryness.

If you find yourself battling skin issues over the holidays, take a step back and prioritize refocusing your skincare routine. Continue using your usual products, and ensure you keep your skin and lips nourished as the weather cools down.

At the end of parties, always wipe your makeup off before going to sleep at night to prevent breakouts and irritation. If any of your makeup is expired, throw it out before the holiday season begins to reduce the risk of bacteria on expired makeup getting into your eyes and skin.

Taking care of your body during the holidays also keeps your skin looking great. Maintain your exercise routine, choose healthy foods at holiday parties whenever possible, minimize your alcohol consumption, stay hydrated, and do your best to get enough sleep every night.

If the holiday season has stressed you out, which can cause old skin issues to resurface, do what you can to stay relaxed and balanced. Relaxation techniques, taking care of yourself, and being realistic about the number of activities you can do over the holidays all help with keeping stress levels in check.

Get skin care procedures for the holiday season

If your skin needs a boost beyond at-home care, skincare services give your skin a boost to help you look your best going into the holidays. Our team offers a line of highly effective skin products and services that enhance your skin’s glow.

Skincare services from our licensed aesthetician that make you look and feel great include:

Many skin care services require little downtime after the procedure, so they are a perfect choice to get to quickly look your best for a big event.

Cosmetic procedures for the holiday season

Cosmetic procedures and surgery can be the right option for you if you’re looking to make changes to your look ahead of the holidays. Surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic facial procedures make you look younger and fresher before seeing old family and friends.

Injectable treatments like Botox® or Dysport and dermal fillers reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while giving your face more youthful volume and glow. Injectable treatments are quick, easy nonsurgical procedures that give you rapid results.

For an even more dramatic change, face lift surgery gives you a younger appearance by tightening wrinkles and saggy skin and removing unwanted fat deposits. Dr. Fodero can also perform targeted facial surgery like a brow lift, neck lift, or a fat transfer to the face.

Plastic surgery requires more downtime and a longer recovery period than nonsurgical skincare procedures and injectables, so it’s important to schedule your consultation as quickly as possible to make a full recovery before your big holiday events.

You can look and feel fresh during the holiday season with the right care and procedures. Contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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