What’s the Best Age to Have a Face-lift?

What’s the Best Age to Have a Face-lift?

As people age, their skin can begin to lose its elasticity. On your face, aging and a loss of muscle tone can lead to unsightly sagging, wrinkles, loose skin, and fold lines.

A surgical procedure known as a face-lift (or rhytidectomy) can improve some signs of aging in your facial skin.

Here at Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, New Jersey, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fodero performs face-lift procedures that can reverse some of the signs of skin aging on your face.

If you’re considering a face-lift, you may wonder about the best age to have face-lift surgery. Take a moment to learn Dr. Fodero’s opinion on this important question.

Benefits of a face-lift

During a face-lift, Dr. Fodero can help you look younger by performing surgical procedures that smooth folds and wrinkles, eliminate lines in your face, and tighten sagging facial muscles.

Dr. Fodero can also lift layers of skin and remove excess skin and fat to create a more youthful, attractive appearance.

He can perform face-lift surgery by itself, or in conjunction with eyelid surgery or a brow lift.

Best age for a face-lift

Adults can have a face-lift at any age. However, the optimal age for a face-lift is about 45. At this point, your skin still has enough elasticity to respond well to surgery. But in most people, the skin aging process is really just getting started.

Whatever your age, you must be in satisfactory health for Dr. Fodero to consider you a good candidate for plastic surgery.

The timing of a face-lift also depends on the extent of your skin’s aging. Heredity, sun exposure, smoking history, stress, your weight and nutritional choices are among the factors that can contribute to early aging of your skin.

Some patients have a first face-lift in their 40s or 50s and decide to have additional surgeries or procedures later in life. They’re so satisfied with the results of plastic surgery that they come back for more to deal with later signs of aging.

Age-related health considerations

Another consideration of when to have a face-lift is age-related health issues. The best candidates for cosmetic surgery are those who are in good health, as noted, and those who don’t have medical conditions that might interfere with healing, such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, or vascular disease.

Learn more about your face-lift options

If you’re interested in younger-looking skin and a more youthful appearance, Dr. Fodero and his care team at Northeastern Plastic Surgery are happy to meet with you to discuss your options. Call our office for an appointment, or request one here on our website.

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