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Understanding the Differences Between an Open and a Closed Rhinoplasty

Getting a rhinoplasty, which is also commonly called a nose job, brings you increased confidence and satisfaction with your appearance. After a rhinoplasty, your nose will be the shape and size you desire, enhancing the rest of your facial features.

Joseph Fodero, MD, PA, in Florham Park, New Jersey, rhinoplasty expert and the lead plastic surgeon at Northeastern Plastic Surgery, uses one of two kinds of surgical procedures during your rhinoplasty. These techniques are open and closed rhinoplasty.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between open and closed rhinoplasty, and how to choose the procedure that’s right for you.

What is an open rhinoplasty?

During an open rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Fodero operates by making a small incision through your columella, which is the small bit of skin between your nostrils. From there, he can lift your nasal tissues and skin and perform the procedure with a full view of your nose.

After an open rhinoplasty, you might notice a tiny scar under your nose. When your nose is fully healed, you’ll barely be able to see your scar. 

The biggest advantage of an open rhinoplasty is Dr. Fodero can more easily view and access your entire nose during the procedure. This is important if you’d like major changes to your nose, such as reshaping the tip or repositioning bones or cartilage.

What is a closed rhinoplasty?

When he performs a closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Fodero does the procedure by making smaller incisions inside your nose. This type of rhinoplasty allows Dr. Fodero to make some changes to your nose, such as removing a nasal bump.

The biggest advantage of closed rhinoplasty is that you won’t have any visible scar after the procedure. However, Dr. Fodero’s visibility of your nose is limited during this procedure, so an open rhinoplasty is the better option if you’d like to make major changes to your nasal shape or structure.

Choosing between an open and closed rhinoplasty

Every rhinoplasty is different, and whether an open or closed rhinoplasty is the better choice depends on the shape and structure of your nose, as well as what changes you desire. In the majority of cases, Dr. Fodero recommends open rhinoplasty.

This is because most patients looking to get a rhinoplasty desire more significant changes to their nose. In particular, Dr. Fodero strongly recommends you get an open rhinoplasty if you’d like changes to the tip of your nose.

If the changes you’d like to get to your nose are more minor, and you don’t want any work done on the tip of your nose, Dr. Fodero might recommend a closed rhinoplasty. At your consultation, Dr. Fodero will go through your options in detail, including which kind of rhinoplasty procedure he recommends.

Dr. Fodero and his experienced team provide personalized care and guidance throughout your rhinoplasty surgery and also offer other cosmetic surgeries and procedures. 

To schedule your rhinoplasty consultation, request an online appointment, or call the office.

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