Know What’s Best for Your Body: Thigh Liposuction vs. Thigh Lift

If you find yourself dreaming of thinner thighs for the summer months and diet and exercise have yielded limited results, then you should know that plastic surgery can make your dreams a reality.

There are two common procedures for thinning and reshaping the upper parts of the legs: thigh liposuction and thigh lift. At Northeastern Plastic Surgery, we’re experts in both procedures and can help you decide which option will get you the smooth and shapely legs you’re searching for. Let’s start by looking at the differences between having liposuction or a lift to improve your thighs.

Thigh Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that can slim and contour specific areas of the body by removing excess localized fat deposits. In experienced hands, liposuction is an effective way to reshape the thighs and help keep fat from returning to the treated area.

During thigh liposuction, a thin tube called a cannula is inserted into a small inconspicuous incision at the treatment area. The surgeon uses the tube to loosen fat deposits, and then suck the fat out of the area. At the completion of the procedure, the incisions are closed with sutures.

A plastic surgeon’s skill is critical when undergoing this procedure. An experienced surgeon will remove just the right amount of fat for an attractive and natural look. A surgeon who is too aggressive and removes too much fat can result in thighs that look unnatural and unhealthy. Make sure you ask to see before-and-after pictures of your potential surgeon’s prior patients who have undergone thigh liposuction.

Thigh Lift

Though liposuction is an ideal solution for a lot of patients who are unhappy with their thighs, it may not be the best solution for everyone. Usually patients who have had recent major weight loss, or multiple pregnancies find that they may not have excess fat around their thighs, but they do have sagging or excess skin. In these instances thigh lifts may be the better option.

The thigh lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia and usually requires between one and three hours, depending on the amount of work to be done. After making a discreet incision, your surgeon will remove excess skin and fat, while tightening the underlying muscles for a more toned look. The incisions are then closed with sutures.

Thigh Liposuction vs. Thigh Lift

If diet and exercise have not gotten rid of your stubborn pockets of fat around the thighs, and your weight is stable, you might be a good candidate for one or both of these procedures.

Typically, if the skin around the thighs is youthful and has some elasticity to it, then it will be able to better tolerate liposuction. And, in general, thigh liposuction is easier to recover from. If the skin has lost elasticity or is stretched, then a thigh lift is probably in order.

And of course, there are times when it is most beneficial to have your surgeon perform both procedures (usually liposuction followed by a lift a few months later). However, the only way to know which procedure will best help you meet your goals is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Fodero.


Northeastern Plastic Surgery understands your desire for a beautiful, youthful looking body and facial appearance. We use the latest plastic surgery techniques to perform a variety of surgical procedures. Dr. Fodero and the staff are very friendly, helpful, and available to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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