Start SculpSure® Treatment Today and Have the Shape You Always Wanted by Beach Season

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Are you trying to lose weight? It’s not an easy task — especially in winter. Your body temperature drops in cold weather, which may prompt you to eat more. Also, calories warm up your body, so it’s natural to want to eat more when it’s cold.

You may have gone on the after-holiday diet and are at or near your normal weight, but trouble spots persist. Maybe you still have a slight belly bulge even after weeks of exercise at the gym. When you’re wearing a tight turtleneck, do you have telltale bulges sticking out of your jeans on each side of your waist?

If you have areas of excess fat even though you’re near your normal weight, maybe it’s time to give your system some extra help with a SculpSure® body contouring treatment. Start now and be ready for beach season this summer.

SculpSure can treat the following target areas to eliminate unwanted fat:

SculpSure is one of the leading body contouring systems on the market today. Its popularity remains steady with both men and women because it works and it’s safe. SculpSure is FDA-cleared to eliminate up to 24% of the fat on your treated areas.  

Eliminating 24% of excess fat without “going under the knife” is an impressive result for a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure.

How does the SculpSure system accomplish it?

SculpSure uses patented laser technology. The laser’s heat disrupts fat cells deep within your skin. The laser compromises the structure of the cells, and eventually they disintegrate. Your body disposes of them over a number of weeks through your lymphatic system in a natural process.

The laser’s heat also “wakes up” the cells in your skin’s outer layers and stimulates new collagen and elastin. Collagen is a key protein in your skin that keeps it smooth and soft. Elastin, also a protein, makes your skin bounce back to its normal position after it’s stretched or pulled.  

Treatment with SculpSure

Dr. Fodero consults with you and lets you know if you’re a good candidate for SculpSure. A SculpSure treatment is quick and easy. You lie on a comfortable table and relax; Northeastern Plastic Surgery’s trained staff does all the work. You can enjoy music or a podcast during the procedure, or simply rest.  

A handheld device containing a laser is placed over the area to be treated. The laser is connected to a computer, which controls its function and ensures that you get exactly the right amount of the laser’s energy.

The system has a cooling mechanism so your body doesn’t get too warm during the procedure. You’ll feel both cool and warm sensations during the treatment.

In just 25 minutes, it’s all over. It’s an in-and-out procedure, so you can go right back to your daily activities. And winter is a perfect time for SculpSure treatment, because you’ll start to see results in about six weeks, and you’ll enjoy the “final product” at 12 weeks, in plenty of time for summer.

Advantages of SculpSure’s body contouring system

SculpSure’s system has many advantages over other methods of body contouring.


You avoid the risks of surgery with a SculpSure treatment. There are no incisions, so no blood or bandages, either.

Minimal discomfort

Some body contouring systems pull or tug on the skin. There’s no pulling or tugging with SculpSure; there’s very little if any discomfort.

Treat more than one trouble spot simultaneously

The SculpSure system can work on more than one area of your body during a treatment. It has applicators designed for specific areas.  

No recovery time needed  

Rather than experience painful surgery with a recovery period that can last for weeks, you can resume normal daily activity after the SculpSure procedure.

Patient satisfaction

Results are in. The patient satisfaction rate is very high; 90% of patients are happy with their results.

Call or book an appointment online with Dr. Fodero at Northeastern Plastic Surgery to see how SculpSure can give you the body contours you want.

*Individual results may vary

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