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Not Ready for a Face Lift? Consider a Liquid Face Lift!

Facial surgery can do wonders for your image and is still a great solution for drooping eyelids, sagging cheeks, and severely wrinkled skin. But if you’re not quite ready for such a commitment, you have options — lots of options.

Injectables and dermal fillers have risen in popularity in recent years for their ability to smooth out lines and wrinkles and restore your youthful look. These treatments have been dubbed liquid face lifts because they use serums rather than surgery to rejuvenate your skin. In 2016, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that 2.6 million people opted for liquid face lifts — up from 1.8 million in 2010. 

In the Morristown, New Jersey, area, men and women seeking the most effective way to spruce up their look without going under the knife trust Dr. Joseph Fodero at Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park to administer their injectables accurately, artistically, and safely. His years of experience and expertise in the latest techniques and most advanced technology mean you can relax and enjoy your liquid face lift journey from beginning to end.

What’s in a liquid face lift?

Dermal fillers contain various ingredients to help plump up skin that may have lost volume and acquired a few wrinkles over the years. Typically, they replace elements that your body naturally produces.

For instance, we use Restylane® injectables made of hyaluronic acid to counteract the sunken look that comes from losing fat under your skin. Adding volume not only improves the contours of your face, it also smooths out lines and wrinkles.

We also use Sculptra® products, which contain collagen, a protein found throughout your body that’s essential for healthy skin and bones. 

Of course, Botox® still ranks above all other cosmetic choices, increasing in popularity by 40.6% over the last five years. At Northeastern Plastic Surgery, we use both Botox and Dysport®, which contain a neurotoxin that safely immobilizes specifically targeted muscles in your face to prevent them from causing deep lines.

Who’s a good candidate for a liquid face lift?

There are few known side effects with a liquid face lift, so they’re generally considered safe for everyone. However, if you’re not in good health or you take blood thinners, make sure to tell our team so we can determine whether injectables are safe for you.

Otherwise, a liquid face lift is suitable for anyone looking to:

Men and women of all ages find that liquid face lifts are easy, painless, and effective.

What to expect

Liquid face lifts only take about 15-30 minutes per session, so many people come in on their lunch break and go right back to work. Depending on how many injections you receive, you may experience some mild redness, tenderness, or bruising, but if you do, it usually subsides within a couple of days.

Because each patient responds differently to each treatment, we can’t tell you exactly how long your results will last. Generally, you can expect to stay wrinkle-free for six months to a year. The good news is that touch-ups are easy and accessible.

When you’re ready to rejuvenate your face with a liquid face lift, give us a call or request an appointment online today. 

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