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Non-cosmetic Reasons for Rhinoplasty

When you imagine someone choosing to get a rhinoplasty, you probably think of them wanting to change the size or shape of their nose. Making cosmetic changes to your nose is an excellent reason to get a rhinoplasty, but it’s not the only reason you can undergo the procedure.

You might also be a candidate for rhinoplasty because changing the structure of your nose would benefit you for health or medical reasons. This is the case even if you like the overall appearance of your nose.

Keep reading to discover from board-certified plastic surgeon Joseph Fodero, MD, PA, of Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, New Jersey, why you might need a rhinoplasty for a non-cosmetic reason.

Understanding a rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty (or nose job) is a surgical procedure done to reshape and alter your nose. Each rhinoplasty surgery is an individualized, unique procedure depending on your needs.

Changes Dr. Fodero could make include reshaping the size, shape, nostril placement, and symmetry of your nose. These changes can be done for aesthetic reasons, but there are also times you get health benefits from reshaping your nose.

Non-cosmetic reasons to get a rhinoplasty

For some medical or health conditions, getting a rhinoplasty is the best way to resolve the issue. These are a few of the non-cosmetic reasons Dr. Fodero recommends a rhinoplasty.

You have breathing difficulties 

Your nose is an important part of healthy breathing. Structural imbalances in your nose like a deviated septum, when the wall in the middle of your nose is off-center in some way, make breathing more difficult.

Having a deviated septum might mean you have trouble sleeping well and exercising, and you could also be at a higher risk for developing conditions like sleep apnea. When you get a rhinoplasty for breathing difficulties, Dr. Fodero corrects your septum and nasal shape to make it easier for you to breathe.

You experienced facial trauma

An accident that causes blunt impact or severe burns to your nose can cause you to break your nose or develop other nasal deformities. These issues can throw your nose out of alignment, creating structural abnormalities and other possible health risks.

If you experienced trauma that altered the functioning of your nose, Dr. Fodero can improve your functionality and restore your nose’s appearance so it looks similar to how it did before the trauma that occurred. 

You have or had a cleft lip

A cleft lip occurs when your lips don’t finish developing in utero. Cleft lips can cause structural abnormalities to your nose as well as your lip and the roof of your mouth.

If structural abnormalities to your nose from a cleft lip haven’t been corrected, Dr. Fodero can make these changes through rhinoplasty surgery.

Getting a non-cosmetic rhinoplasty

Before your rhinoplasty. Dr. Fordero meets with you and discusses your desired changes in a consultation. He then makes a recommendation based on your medical needs.

Your surgery takes place under general anesthesia. While you’re asleep, Dr. Fodero makes incisions in your nose and reshapes it to correct any structural issues causing medical issues. If you like your nose’s overall appearance, changes will only be done to restore your health, rather than cosmetically.

After the procedure, you can expect some swelling and bruising on your nose as your nose heals. Following Dr. Fodero’s personalized surgical aftercare directions will help you recover quickly and smoothly.

If your nose is making it hard for you to breathe or otherwise impairing your medical health, getting a rhinoplasty can restore your health. To schedule a Klara telehealth or in-person consultation, contact the Northeastern Plastic Surgery team online or by phone to schedule an appointment.

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