Lose the Loose Skin After Massive Weight Loss with a Thigh Lift

Surprise your thighs.

Losing a large amount of weight is a wonderful and exciting achievement. After massive weight loss, you’ll experience health benefits and experience a boost in confidence.


However, losing significant amounts of weight can also come with a few challenges. You might find your skin has lost elasticity, leaving excess folds of skin in various places, including the thighs, legs, buttocks, and hips on the lower body.


Joseph Fodero, MD, PA of Northeastern Plastic Surgery is a board-certified plastic surgeon who helps patients achieve their ideal body by performing thigh lift surgery. Learn from Dr. Fodero what to expect from a thigh lift, and how it can help previously overweight patients achieve the body they desire.

What is a thigh lift?

A thigh lift is a combination of surgical procedures that removes loose skin from your lower body to help tighten and sculpt the thighs and lower body after massive weight loss. Dr. Fodero individualizes each thigh lift surgery to get you your most ideal results. 


For example, depending on where your loose skin sits on the thighs, he might focus the surgery on your inner thighs, known as an inner thigh lift, the upper thigh, or a medial thigh lift, or skin on the front and outside of your thigh, called a bilateral thigh lift. If you have loose skin in more than one trouble spot, he might perform more than one technique during your procedure.


During or after getting your thigh lift, Dr. Fodero might also recommend you get additional procedures to fully sculpt your lower body post-weight loss. These can include a butt lift to further sculpt the buttocks and liposuction to reduce fat stores in the thighs, hips, or buttocks.

What benefits can I get from a thigh lift?

After getting a thigh lift, your loose skin will be gone, and your thighs and other parts of your lower body, such as hips, buttocks, and legs, will have a more toned and tightened appearance. Your lower body’s appearance will be more youthful and appear more proportionate to your actual size post-weight loss.

Who is a candidate for a thigh lift?

You can typically get a thigh lift procedure if you’re a healthy adult who’s lost significant amounts of weight and struggles with excess skin trouble areas in the thigh and other areas of the lower body. This procedure will help you if you dislike the appearance of your excess skin or find it getting in the way of your quality of life.


While a thigh lift can transform your appearance after massive weight loss, it’s not intended as a weight-loss tool. Therefore, you’re a candidate for surgery after you’ve reached and are maintaining your goal weight.

What can I expect during thigh lift surgery?

Before scheduling your surgery, Dr. Fodero examines you at his office in Florham Park, NJ. He evaluates your overall health, listens to your goals, and determines your suitability for the surgery.


Dr. Fodero typically performs thigh lifts as an outpatient surgical procedure. The length and complexity of the surgery depend on the number and kind of specific techniques and procedures Dr. Fodero carries out to achieve your best results. 


After your surgery is complete, Dr. Fodero offers aftercare advice unique to you. He typically advises resting and taking time off from your regular activities to ensure a full and safe recovery.


You will start to see results immediately after your surgery. You can expect to see full results over the next several weeks.

Finish your weight loss journey by getting a thigh lift

After you’ve achieved your weight loss goal, it’s time to reap the full benefits of massive weight loss. Under Dr. Fodero’s expert supervision, you’ll look and feel better after getting a thigh lift.

Dr. Fodero performs thigh lifts and other skin removal procedures through Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, New Jersey. To make an appointment and meet our skilled team, call the office, or book online.

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