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How Do I Tell Family About My Upcoming Plastic Surgery?

Making the decision to have plastic surgery isn’t easy. Those who opt for plastic surgery have likely met with doctors, researched risks and benefits, considered costs, and read countless articles online. But for some people, an additional challenge lies in telling their loved ones about their choice to have plastic surgery.

Telling your spouse, child, parent, sibling, or friend about your upcoming plastic surgery procedure can lead to mixed reactions. Ideally, your friends and family will accept your decision and do whatever they can to support you. But oftentimes, loved ones may question your choice, insisting that you “don’t need it” or “it’s a waste of money.”

Below are a few tips that can help you talk to your loved ones about your decision to undergo plastic surgery.

Start With Your Doctor

Before you discuss your plastic surgery with anyone, meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Fodero. A reputable plastic surgeon will listen to your goals and give you an honest assessment of what’s possible. Ask all of your questions about the expected outcomes, risks, recovery time, and costs. That way, when you speak with your loved ones, you’ll have all the facts.

Have a Quiet, Casual Conversation

Once you commit to having a procedure, and your doctor has cleared you for surgery, set aside some time to have a conversation with loved ones. It’s a good idea to get together in a quiet, casual setting away from distractions. Start the conversation by genuinely expressing your feelings and how you came to your decision. Emphasize the fact that you have come to your decision based on facts and information you received from a board-certified plastic surgeon. You can even encourage them to research the surgeon you’ve chosen and invite them to join you at your next visit to ask questions.

Consider Your Children

Of course, just like any other discussion, the approach changes when it comes to children. Most young children won’t notice any changes, so you may choose not to tell them at all. But if you have tweens or teens, then it’s important to tell them about your surgery in an age-appropriate way.

With all children you want to emphasize that you are not in pain, not sick, and you are choosing to have this surgery to feel good. There’s no need to discuss the technical aspects of the procedure. Teenagers, are of course, more aware of what plastic surgery is, so you can be a little more honest about your insecurities if you choose. If your children ask if they need plastic surgery, the answer is, of course “no.” Emphasize that they are beautiful and still growing into the adult they will become.

Know Who Not to Tell

An important aspect of talking about your surgery is knowing who not to tell. In fact, well-performed plastic surgery looks totally natural, so many people may not even recognize that you had anything obvious done. They may just notice that you look more refreshed, slimmer, or more youthful. Enjoy any compliments you may receive and your newfound confidence.

Accept That Not Everyone Will Agree

After you’ve told your family or friends about your decision, some may still be against your choice, but that’s OK. You must remember that your announcement will probably come as a bit of a shock to loved ones who probably think that you’re perfect the way you are. Know that their concerns are coming from a place of love. But if you’ve made an informed decision, and you trust your surgeon, then there’s no reason to let anyone talk you out of proceeding with your plastic surgery.

Northeastern Plastic Surgery understands your desire for a beautiful, youthful looking body and facial appearance. We use the latest plastic surgery techniques to perform a variety of surgical procedures. Dr. Fodero and the staff are very friendly, helpful, and available to answer any questions you may have about the procedures we offer. We strive to ensure that your experience with us is positive. Please contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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