Hair Restoration: Why You Should Consider the NeoGraft® Procedure

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Whether you begin losing your hair when you’re 20, or it happens at a later time, you probably aren’t too happy about it. But new technology has made hair restoration more attainable, more effective, and less invasive than previous methods.

Follicular unit extraction

The NeoGraft is a surgical instrument used to perform a procedure called follicular unit extraction, or FUE. FUE is one of two types of hair transplantation. The other is follicular unit strip surgery, or FUSS.

FUE is preferable in many cases for several reasons. When you have FUSS, a strip of your scalp is removed. Then, your scalped is pulled together and stitched back into place.

Your hair covers the stitches, and your surgeon separates the hair follicles on the removed strip. The hair is then implanted in the target area.

In some ways, FUE is a similar process, except instead of having a whole strip of skin removed, the follicles are removed one by one, then implanted where you want them. You don’t have stitches, though removing the follicles does leave tiny wounds that have to heal.

How NeoGraft makes the process better

NeoGraft is an automated system for removing the follicles. The machine removes the follicles more efficiently, and there’s less risk of damage. It’s also much faster than manually removing each follicle that will be transplanted.

Using NeoGraft allows our staff at Northeastern Plastic Surgery to accurately and quickly remove follicles for transplantation. This means that your procedure doesn’t take as long, and you heal faster.

After the procedure

You may be wondering what to expect after your procedure. Even though NeoGraft hair transplantation is minimally invasive, it’s still a surgical procedure, and your scalp will likely be tender.

Your recovery may take anywhere from 2-5 days, but you should be able to return to work within a few days.

About 2-3 weeks after your procedure, you’ll notice shedding. Your hair follicles follow a regular cycle of three phases:

It’s normal for your transplanted follicles to reach the telogen phase and for the hair to shed. It will return to the anagen phase within a few months, and new hair will grow.

Am I a good candidate for NeoGraft?

NeoGraft hair transplantation is suitable for both men and women, and is also appropriate for people who may have had an FUSS procedure in the past and need to hide a scar.

You should be in good overall health before having a NeoGraft procedure, and have enough hair on the back of your head to “donate” to the target area.

An important part of your consultation at Northeastern Plastic Surgery before your procedure is discussing your goals with our provider. NeoGraft is an effective method of hair regeneration, but it’s not a miracle.


If you’d like to learn more about NeoGraft, book your appointment with us today. You can schedule online or by phone, and our staff is happy to discuss your individual situation and goals with you.

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