Breast Augmentation: Women Have More Choices than Ever Before

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While your breasts are primarily a source of nourishment for your offspring, they also have an impact on your health, appearance, and self-confidence. If aging or weight changes have left you with breasts that make you unhappy or unhealthy, know that you’re not alone.

Dr. Fodero is a highly-regarded breast surgeon and understands the specific needs of women who are dissatisfied with their breast size or shape. As a result, he has created several breast augmentation options to address your specific needs.

Unlike surgical techniques of the past, today’s breast surgery methods give you more options than ever.

Choosing the breast augmentation for you

If you can safely tolerate surgery, you may be able to choose from one or more augmentation options to enhance your breast size or shape. These options include:

Size increase

If your breasts appear too small in size and you wish to have a fuller, more rounded breast shape, augmentation surgery may be the right option for you.

Augmentation surgery to increase the size of your breasts is available using either silicone or saline implants. Dr. Fodero also increases breast size using a fat transfer process, where he gathers excess fat from other areas of your body and skillfully implants it into your breasts.

Shape changes

There are two available implant choices to determine your breast shape. You can select round implants that offer you a symmetrical shape.

You may also choose the anatomical breast shape, which is designed to look more natural and is often chosen for breast reconstruction surgeries. This oval-shaped implant is heavier at the bottom.

Implant material

The two primary materials used in breast implants are silicone and saline. Silicone implants contain a gel-like material that feels a lot like natural breast fat and gives you a natural-looking appearance.

Saline implants are filled with a sterile salt water, which Dr. Fodero fills after the implants are in place.

Both materials are popular choices and considered safe for long-term use. You may have a preference for a specific implant to achieve your surgical goals, or you can defer the decision to Dr. Fodero.

Incision decision

There are four types of incisions Dr. Fodero can make for your breast augmentation surgery. For instance, you may opt to have the implant incision made just beneath the areola, making the surgical scar less visible. Dr. Fodero can discuss these incision locations to determine which is best for your needs.

Reverse gravity

If your breasts are stretched out and saggy due to aging, weight loss, or breastfeeding your children, you may be a good candidate for a breast lift surgery, in addition to your augmentation.

In a breast lift procedure, Dr. Fodero removes excess loose skin around the breasts to reposition them higher up on your chest.

The ideal breast surgery candidate

To determine if you’re a good candidate for breast surgery, Dr. Fodero first must determine that you’re healthy enough for the procedure. He does this through a physical exam and a review of your medical history.

It’s also important that you have the right expectations for the outcome of your surgery. Prior to your procedure, you should be willing to discuss openly and honestly what you’re looking to change about the size and shape of your breasts.

By addressing the specific areas that make you feel unhappy with your appearance, Dr. Fodero can create the ideal treatment plan to give you exactly the look you want.

Surgery does require some downtime. You can expect to stay home from work and other activities while your breasts heal. Results from surgery can be immediate, but they further improve over time as your swelling and bruising at the surgery site resolve.

With so many options, it can be difficult to understand what type of breast surgery is right for you. Get answers to your questions quickly and confidently by calling Northeastern Plastic Surgery or contacting the office online to set up a consultation with Dr. Fodero today.

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