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What Is Body Contouring Surgery and What Can You Expect?

Weight loss is never an easy feat to overcome. It is not simply physical weight loss, but for the people who have a large amount of weight to loose, weight loss is also an emotional battle. A person not only has to keep his or herself moving, exercising and eating right, but they also have to do additional mental work to try and determine what was is that caused the extreme weight gain and make the commitment to never let themselves get to that point again. For the people that have overcome this incredible life-changing event, there can still be residual effects of the initial weight such as excess skin throughout their body. However, there is an option that these people have to help relieve these effects called body contouring surgery.

Body contouring surgery is essentially a full body lift. While many cosmetic surgeries typically isolate a procedure done on one specific part of the body, body contouring surgery will look at the entire body and the excess skin that has been left behind after major weight loss. There are a number of places throughout the body which excess skin can be left behind most notably the stomach, underarms and legs. During your initial consultation, you will discuss what you feel your biggest problem points are and what your ultimately goals are for your body contouring surgery. It is important to remember that your general health must be taken into consideration when it comes to your surgery and your ultimate goals. The better shape you are in physically, the easier the recovery time will be.

Clients should be warned, however, that some recovery time will be needed for body contouring surgery. For example, while you are recovering, small tubes may need to be inserted under the skin to drain excess blood or fluids. You will be given a specific list of post-surgery instructions however, part of the healing process will undoubtedly be that bending, straining or lifting will certainly be off limits for a few days up to a few weeks. You will need help for a few days after surgery so that is something else that you need to take into consideration when you are scheduling your surgery. You will need someone to help you get around your house, pick up things, and even take you to post-surgery follow up appointments.

The professionals at Northeastern Plastic Surgery understand all aspects of body contouring surgery, both physically and emotionally. We understand that having this type of surgery may be the final step in completing a weight loss journey and we are here to work with you through that process. Located in Florham Park, and catering to clients throughout New Jersey, we will work with you step by step for your individual surgery to make you feel as comfortable as possible with the entire process. Please call our office today at 973-295-6565 to schedule a consultation today or visit our website at to learn more about body contouring surgery.

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