5 Skin-Enhancing Benefits of Microneedling

5 Skin-Enhancing Benefits of Microneedling

With the sheer number of easy skin treatments available, there’s no longer any excuse for being unhappy with how your skin looks and not doing anything about it. For attractive, youthful looking skin, one of the top in-office procedures you can get is microneedling.

Medical aesthetician Jessica Harrison offers the skin-enhancing microneedling procedure at Northeastern Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, New Jersey, which is headed by Joseph Fodero, MD, PA. Understand 5 of the benefits microneedling offers that enhance your skin.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a nonsurgical procedure that improves your skin by making small punctures with sterilized, tiny needles. The microneedling treatment creates microscopic micro-tears in your skin.

These tears stimulate the production of collagen in your skin and begin a natural healing process. This leads to a rejuvenation of your skin that helps you look younger and can treat a number of skin issues.

Microneedling is safe for all skin types and pigmentations.

5 benefits of microneedling

Microneedling is an ideal treatment for improving your skin. These are 5 of the benefits you can expect after you get a microneedling treatment.

1. Add collagen and elasticity to your skin

The tiny punctures created in your skin stimulate your body to produce more collagen. Collagen is an important protein that helps your skin stay smooth, firm, and look younger.

The increased production of collagen also makes your skin more stretchy and elastic, which improves the resilience and youthful appearance of your skin.

2. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

The healing process activated by microneedling helps your skin reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as other signs of aging. This helps your skin look younger than it did before the treatment.

3. Improve acne

Undergoing microneedling helps your acne look better, especially if you’ve gotten scars from acne. Any kind of scarring you’ve experienced, including acne scars, will look better.

4. Diminish sun damage to your skin

Sunspots and other kinds of sun damage make your skin look older and less fresh. Getting microneedling reduces sunspots and improves the evenness of your skin.

5. Refresh your overall skin tone and texture

Microneedling improves various specific skin problems, and it also creates an overall improvement in how your skin looks. You can expect the tone of your skin to look uniform and for your skin to look smoother. This gives your skin a healthier, brighter appearance.

Getting a micro-needling procedure

During your micro-needling treatment, Jessica will use a pen-shaped device containing tiny, sterile needles, to create micro-tears in the skin to promote new collagen growth, smooth outlines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, texture, and scars leaving your skin red, irritated, and tight.

After the treatment, Jessica will use a combination of therapies to reduce the redness and promote collagen synthesis. The treatment will take about one hour in total.

When you are done Jessica will give you special instructions on how to care for your skin. It is very important that you follow these instructions. Life can resume as early as 3-5 days depending on the depth of the needling.

Results can be seen in as little as 3-5 days but will peak at around 6 weeks post-treatment. To achieve the best results, you will require more than one treatment. Jessica recommends doing this a minimum of twice per year spaced approximately 8-12 weeks apart.  She may recommend more depending on your needs.

If you would like to achieve more vibrant, youthful skin, micro-needling can give you the results you desire. Contact us online or at 973-315-5966 to arrange your micro-needling treatment

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